Healing Menu

–Our pricing has been updated as of July 3rd, 2017, and again on September 17, 2017. Current clients will receive a 3 month grace period, with the new price schedule effective October 3rd, 2017.—

 Traditional Chinese & Environmental Medicine:

  • Acupuncture-$100/1-1.5 hrs
  • New client-$250/2-3 hrs initial session
  • {*herbs/supplements are an additional cost}


  • Zen Shiatsu, Massage, or misc. Bodywork-$100/hr
  • Hot Stone Massage, Raindrop Therapy, or Ayurvedic Sacred Stone Facial Massage-$125/75 min.


  • Counseling-$120/hr

Energy Work:

  • Sufi Healing-$120/hr

Flower/Gem Essence:

  • Custom Essence Formula-$30

Rates for children (13 yrs old and younger):

  • Acupuncture-$85; New client-$150
  • Zen Shiatsu-or-Massage-$75/45 min.

Please note the following:

–Counseling is frequently incorporated into Chinese and environmental medicine, bodywork, and energy healing sessions. Fifteen minutes check-in time for follow-up sessions is customary. When additional time is necessary or desired, the fee is per the hourly counseling rate of $120/hr.–

*Please note our 24 hour cancellation policy:   

–$75 will be charged for appointments cancelled within 24 hours. Thank you for your consideration.–



4 thoughts on “Healing Menu

    • Hello Seth,

      I’m Sa’bura. Welcome to my practice.

      You pose an excellent question!

      Value is a difficult thing to imbue in a person until they have experienced the thing in question.

      Healthcare is a personal, subjective, and meaningful process with lasting results and impressions.

      Choosing a path into the Chinese healing arts can be even more rewarding than an allopathic, or even a naturopathic, treatment plan.

      Seeking a “healer” is the first step.

      I offer many healing services, as you have seen on my healing menu.

      Like allopathic or naturopathic medicine, I am involved with my clients, know their health and family history, and will treat some of them for years. Chinese medicine treats the body, mind and spirit. Ideally it is used for maintaining and enhancing health, but it is also very good at healing disease.

      While day spas, gym treatments and other “drive thru” massage establishments have their place (and they certainly do), what I offer is a more comprehensive and healing treatment plan.

      Chinese medicine offers health care in a similar manner to allopathic or naturopathic care, only with a more personal focus on the individuals life, experiences and healing needs. The treatment revolves around you, and is done in collaboration with you.

      My prices are value based. You can compare my treatments to the allopathic or naturopathic equivalent for a better understanding.

      I take my time with each client. I want my clients to feel empowered about their health, and this is done through establishing a partnership of health care, which cannot be rushed or forced.

      Please read my bio for a complete look into my education and experience.

      I hope I answered your question and look forward to working together. Please email or call me for a free consultation.

      Now Seth I have a question, what is your health worth to you?

      • Hmmm

        I have experienced both western and eastern medicine.

        I find eastern medicine to be more comprehensive and much safer.
        While western medicine is what i know, i tried acupuncture several years ago for my lower back injury when i wasn’t getting what i needed from my primary doctor.
        I was told after some very expensive exams, (MRI, CT) That i would need major back surgery, followed by physical therapy and copious amounts of pain medication.
        This really upset me and so i began looking elsewhere.
        To shorten this story, a friend recommended acupuncture and between that and yoga, my back is awesome.
        I saved thousands, never had to take anything other than some natural herbal treatments and didn’t have to do pt or have scarring.
        I still go to my doctor, but my treatments are typically from my acupuncturist.
        It seems to be a comfort thing for some people, i just wish i would have done this sooner as it may have kept me from having my gall bladder removed.
        All things considered, even if you pay out of pocket, it’s cheaper than the western alternative.
        This is my experience.


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