2014: The year of the Green Yang Wood Horse


The study of stars and planets is a practice as old as time. We have used the position of the sun, moon, planets and stars to give us meaning, and to help us in navigating through this often interesting and ever challenging experience, Life on Earth.
This past year of the Blue Black Yin Water Snake, we have been shedding what no longer serves us, and digesting, or trying to digest, new and better sources of nourishment on our quest to greater consciousness. This year of the Green Yang Wood Horse is auspicious for growth and manifesting vision, but is also a warning not to get out of control.
The lunar new year begins Friday, January 31, 2014, heralded by the new moon in Aquarius. The lunar calendar is used by the Chinese, and has been dubbed “Chinese new year”, but many other Asian countries also celebrate this date, as it marks the first day of spring.
Most of us aren’t feeling spring with chilly temperatures and likely snow or ice in the vicinity, but our Groundhog’s Day has essentially the same roots (standardized to February 2nd). Groundhog’s Day goes back to a pagan holiday honoring the beginning of spring (pre-Christian era), when we in the Western world could detect, if even ever so slight, a whiff of spring. In our civilized Christian era, we now we use a groundhog to tell us the strength of the whiff through observing his shadow, and disregard the deep meaning of this holiday.
A solar-based calendar is what we use here in the West, and is adopted for use in much of the world; it is very useful for keeping track of dates, as it is standardized to 365 solar days per great cycle/year. But use of a lunar calendar has much meaning, perhaps because it is also a fairly standardized cycle of waxing and waning, and is a visual representation of cycles, darkness and light.
The effect of the moon pulling on all the water on Earth, including the water in our saline solution-based bodies we currently inhabit (aka, our physical bodies), plus all the plants and life that grows here, cannot be denied by science. But sometimes our modern mind in its independence chooses to disregard the significance of both the sun and the moon on the health of this lovely planet, and forgets, as part of that way of thinking, how our ability to thrive here is like a newborn child, completely dependent on the conditions and nurturance Earth provides to sustain us.
A lunar calendar is, and was, used by many cultures, including many religious ones, perhaps for its interesting display of cycles, darkness and light, and its effect on water. Judaism, for example, upon which Christianity is largely based, honors a lunar calendar, and the phases of the moon hold significant meaning. The Roman influence in early Christianity, and their desire to differentiate from both paganism and Judaism (which both honored lunar cycles), may have had a huge influence on their adoption of the solar calendar, and on our current way of thinking.
In the Chinese calendar, each year is attributed to one of 12 animals and one of 10 heavenly stems. The animal’s energy and qualities effect the tone for the year, and each animal has a predominant element: red fire, white metal, blue black water, or green wood (yellow earth lends its nourishment to every animal) that further effects the tone, and is consistent with the qualities of the animal.
The heavenly stems are the yin and yang counterpart of each element in two year increments. The animal this year is the Fire Horse, but as it is in a Green Yang Wood year, it becomes the Green Yang Wooden Horse. Next year will also be a Green Wood year, but the wood will be yin wood.
A horse is a yang fire animal, and yang fire and yang wood together can be cozy-licious warmth or devastating destruction. A horse is an independent and passionate creature, yet they also love being with other horses. A horse can take you places you may never have otherwise seen. A horse can also be kept from going anywhere.
Think about projects you can do in collaboration with others that benefit society, and that also allow you to be uniquely yourself. This is a good use for the Aquarian new moon, and also the potential focus for the coming year.
Can we ride free and still be in community with others? Can we get out of stuck places with our sheer passion to do so? There is much opportunity and energy this year for movement.
What are you passionate about? Can you unleash your desires to take action toward your personal and your worldly goals?
Green wood is an element characterized by creativity, growth, strength, cooperation, flexibility, planning, leadership, strategizing, decision-making, idealism, patience, courage & helpfulness. It also governs anger and frustration.
Wood governs the tendons, ligaments, sinews, nails, eyes, liver, gall bladder, and waking up in the morning. The wood element is associated with the ethereal soul, and relates to manifesting our soul’s mission here on Earth, offering our contribution.
Jupiter governs wood, and Jupiter relates to luck and expansion, and excess when left unchecked.
Do you feel like a horse calling the shots in your life, or is there a saddle on your back? Will you get to go where you are needed, where your deep heart yearns to be? This year is the chance to go for what you want, and simultaneously be mindful of all the horses running with you, wanting the same.
Wood relates to vision: What do you want to see in the world? What are you not willing to look at?
Hope this forecast serves to inspire, inform and ignite movement toward everyone’s deep heart desires. In honor of the new year, all bodywork and acupuncture combos are half off (limit one per person). If you haven’t experienced the combo (aka, the Circle of Enlightenment), now is the time to get recharged and nourished. Please call or email to schedule an appointment.

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