Perhaps you have heard of the bio-mat? It is made primarily of amethyst, tourmaline and carbon. It allows far infrared heat to penetrate the body, apparently reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, tonifying the immune system, and encouraging very deep states of relaxation.

I had heard anecdotal information about the benefits of the bio-mat from a colleague, who suggested that it reduced her symptoms of fibromyalgia significantly, and the results were long lasting. But it was not until I experienced it for myself, the heat very different from a heating pad, that I knew I wanted to have the bio-mat available for my clients. 

The biomat is technically not an earthing product. Earthing is a relatively new discovery, with science backing the phenomena. When we are barefoot on the earth, or when we have shoes that allow us to ground (basically when we have a true magnetic connection with the Earth) a lot of our chemistry changes, and it’s extremely beneficial, with results ranging from better sleep to weight loss to significant pain reduction. While the bio-mat is not technically an earthing product, it seems to offer many of the same attributes.

I was grateful to learn that the bio-mat comes in many sizes, from small portable pads, to a king sized bed pad with dual control panels. And the company (Richway & Fuji Bio, Inc.) offers other products to complement the bio-mat, as well as other health-enhancing products. Please check out their website for more information:

And if you desire to own a bio-mat, I am a licensed distributor because I am deeply passionate about the benefits of having regular and easy access to this incredible product. I am so grateful to be able to share it in my practice, and know it’s a purchase, should you go for it, that you won’t regret.