Going with the flow in Zen Shiatsu

Zen shiatsu is based on the principle of flow.

flyer shiatsu photo                                     shiatsu-photo.jpeg

There is permission and allowance for flow, rather than forcing a change to occur.

Like a river running over rocks and stones, and parts of trees and plants, there are times when the flow can get stuck, causing parts of the river to run dry.

The practitioner brings attention to the places where the flow is stuck (called jitsu in Japanese) and where the flow is diminished (called kyo in Japanese). By allowing the qi, or life force, to flow evenly, the body returns to greater balance and health.

 The practitioner is also an observer, offering the body feedback about the areas where the qi is stuck/jitsu or lacking/kyo. This feedback supports the intrinsic intelligence of the body, allowing it to be in greater harmony with Nature, its natural inclination. Nature, in its infinite wisdom and intelligence, knows how to heal and imbue wholeness to all of creation. When the body forgets, due to illness, the practitioner helps the body remember.

Flow is natural, the sacred spiral of continual movement, dancing and moving to the heartbeat of Nature. Health is allowing ourselves to go with the flow and be carried by the Ocean. Zen shiatsu is a natural way to restore and maintain health.


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